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Our Services

We at Absaroka Realty feel that in today’s global marketplace it is extremely important to ensure your property has the best international exposure possible so that you will receive optimum value for your real estate investment.

One of the tools we employ that offers global exposure is our comprehensive web site presence. Our site has been comprehensibly restructured in 2016. We intend this site to include information on area hospitals, schools (as well as educational statistics), Montana State University, local recreational opportunities, demographics and of course complete real estate information on Montana.

Our web presence is marketed full time. We  are continuously expanding our outreach by linking to an increasing number of real estate web sites.

The local real estate magazines are also an important tool as they not only appeal to locals, but are also included the the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce relocation packets, as well as the relocation packets many real estate offices send out. We typically take a full color page in the Montana Pioneer and advertise seasonally in  “Homes & Land of southwest Montana” which is not only distributed locally, but enjoys national exposure as well. We are also included on their website which generates substantial traffic and links to our site.

Pricing Your Home

Spring has arrived and many folks have begun to prepare for buying or selling their homes. The real estate market is ever changing and now more than ever buyers are educating themselves to the process. No longer are the “used car salesman” mentalities able to make a living in real estate, or if they are they may find that their days are numbered. Consumers more than ever before are recognizing the importance of doing some homework before buying or selling any real estate. Because of this increase in buyer sophistication, it is becoming increasingly important for the seller to price their property correctly. Today’s buyers are asking for a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and the professional agents are providing these analysis before being asked. In days gone by the agent might just quote what other properties were selling for in the neighborhood in which the buyer showed interest. This is in no way indicative of fair market value. Market value is based upon what a buyer has actually paid for a property. A Comparative Market Analysis should reflect sales of like properties in the immediate area of the subject property within the last 6-8 months. Extraneous factors such as replaceability of property, uniqueness of location, etc. may be factored in. However, the foundation of the Market Analysis are the comparatives (like-properties in same area and their recent selling price).

Because of these factors and increased buyer sophistication, it is increasingly important for the seller to price his/her property correctly. Property values are NOT dictated by what the seller has invested in the home, nor by what they need to receive from the property. These factors are not applicable to setting a sales price. It is the Realtor’s job to tactfully prepare the seller for this fact and help them realize the importance of pricing the property at market. When priced accurately, many properties sell immediately because the first month on the market is typically the time of most activity for new listings. If those listings are priced at market, properly marketed, and prepared for showing, the likelihood of a quick sale is greatly increased. Many times sellers eventually lower their price to market after the best buyers have already dismissed the property as being overpriced, and the seller ends up expending more money and time because the property was not correctly priced immediately. It is important for the seller to keep in mind that they are paying interest on his mortgage each month that he continues to carry a home that does not sell and a delayed sale may be causing him to incur expenses related to that delay. The seller may lose the opportunity to purchase a desired home if he/she must sell in order to buy. Sometimes just the time and effort involved in keeping a home “show ready” is enough to encourage a seller to price their home correctly.

Preparing to Show Your Home

Absaroka’s Gems that bring our sellers more money!

  • Cultivate curb charisma. Some of the best buyers are the most impatient because they have to make a decision fast. If the view of your house from the street turns them off, they may not even stop. Shape up the front yard!
  • Take a critical look at your house’s front side. If it’s weathered looking, or if anything that needs repair can be seen, eliminate these problems. Don’t turn your buyers off before the inside can turn them on.
  • Never stay in your house with house hunters. Let the agent handle it, and remove yourself if you possibly can. Remember, the agent has worked many hours with these people, and knows what they’re looking for, and how to work with them. Let him or her do the job without interference.
  • Give your dogs and cats a vacation. They need it. So does your pocketbook. Having pets (especially aggressive dogs) around when you’re selling your home can be incredibly expensive. Many people are acutely uncomfortable around some animals, and simply can’t think “buy” when their minds are on “bye”.
  • You can’t find a better investment when you’re selling a house than some putty and a few cans of paint to brighten up its interior.
  • Drips do worse than run up your water bill. They make possible buyers worry about your the entire plumbing system of your house. Fix these little problems before they cost you a sale.
  • Squeaking doors and creaking floors. Torn or missing screens, cracked glass, and anything in need of repair dampens the house hunters’ enthusiasm. Many of them believe there’ll always be ten problems they haven’t noticed for every one they do see.
  • Hide (or neatly arrange) everything that looks like work. Lawnmowers, hoses, vacuum cleaners, all the gear you used to fix up the house.
  • De-clutter. Repack compactly, dispose of unneeded items, or rent a mini storage room and move out as much material as you can. Your home’s storage space can’t look adequate to a buyer if you’ve got it jampacked!
  • You can sell pride of ownership faster and for more money. It’s called cleanliness, and cleanliness has more buyers than used dirt. Put sparkle into your bathrooms and kitchen!

Real Estate Safety Tips

General Safety Advice:

  • Keep windows, doors, garage and car locked! 99% of the time the perpetrator has not had to force entry, but simply entered thru an unlocked door.
  • If a stranger approaches and requests to look at your home, refer them to your real estate agent. Under no circumstances open the door! A serious prospect will want to talk to the listing agent.
  • Property should be shown by appointment only and well planned in advance by a real estate agent that you feel comfortable with.
  • When property is shown do not leave items of value laying around or anything that would allow someone later entry such as a spare set of keys. Be alert and aware and look for signs that this prospect may not be what he/she appears to be.
  • Avoid showing the property at night and alone.
  • Make sure your locks are of high quality and secure.
  • If a suspicious person approaches and is turned away, report the incident anyway.
  • Don’t advertise the property as being vacant!


If you are a For Sale By Owner:

  • Always conduct open house with a partner or friend.
  • Keep on the look out for behavioral patterns of house hunters that don’t seem consistent with a bona fide home buyer.
  • When showing your home stay behind the prospect and avoid closed spaces such as basement and attic areas.
  • Don’t use defense items such as pepper spray or weapon unless you are trained in its use; in many cases weapons end up being used against the victim.
  • Pay attention to your neighborhood and look for signs of something unusual such as a strange vehicle or unfamiliar face.
  • Don’t park your car where it can be blocked.


Remember: educating and preparing yourself for an encounter is the best way to avoid a dangerous situation!